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Handmade objects and gifts in Tabio, Colombia


“Ifigenia Artesanías Company” has an excellent team formed by skilled craftsmen in color management, design and quality in production.

We are part of an extensive network of local artisans and artists, giving each design the possibility of mixing techniques that contemporary crafts have developed to achieve a product or products line.

Colombia is a country with great plant diversity; Colombian natural supplies used by Ifigenia Artesanías offer  innovation in design; its articulation with research on the use of new sustainable techniques in artistic production, allow to achieve new and excellent quality pieces.

Ifigenia Artesanías is defined in five concepts: Beauty, Design, Quality, Sustainability and Fair Trade.

Retail and Wholesales: 

We are in the handicrafts market since 1986, and are experts in the production of units for wholesalers. We are recognized for our commitment to the entire process of design and object’s production, the quality of our merchandise and compliance in deliveries.

The store and factory place is near the main city: in the municipality of Tabio, let us know if you are around, so we can meet and drink a coffee while you are able to know our work. Whatsapp: (0057) 314 424 6994

Handmade Gifts and Objects:

Our products are made with love, design, color and quality.

Decorative objects, creations made with natural materials, handicrafts with identity, and accessories with the perfect combination of colors.

Decorative Objects:

Mobiles, Dreamcatchers, paintings, ornaments Mirror, Mirrors, Elves and Fairies, wooden boxes, candle holders,  stained glass sculptures, lamps, coat racks, glass markers, napkin rings.

We know how music lovers understand the universal language and for them our line PRESTISSIMO answers their decorative needs. Similarly, the dreamers can find in our magical UNAFLOR line, an option to support their beautiful world’s view.

Women Accesories:

Necklaces, Bracelets, Rings, Belts, Necklaces, Bags, Laces for glasses, Earrings, Buckles, Headbands, Tiaras.

Jewelery Assembly Parts:

Our laboratory has produced beautiful pieces for Jewelery and Accessories with finishes and textures in various materials: CD, Bronze, Copper, Tissues, Totumo, Wood, Colombian Seeds, Acetate.

The inputs used in the assembly of each piece made in Ifigenia Artesanías are sustainable with the environment and are not harmful to health.


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